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About us

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is an intergovernmental organization with a membership of 193 Member States and Territories. It originated from the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), the roots of which were planted at the 1873 Vienna International Meteorological Congress. Established by the ratification of the WMO Convention on 23 March 1950, WMO became the specialised agency of the United Nations for meteorology (weather and climate), operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences a year later. The Secretariat, headquartered in Geneva, is headed by the Secretary-General. Its  supreme body is the World Meteorological Congress.

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WMO has 187 Member States and 6 Member Territories. Members are divided into six regions:

  • Region I: Africa
  • Region II: Asia
  • Region III: South America
  • Region IV: North America, Central America and the Caribbean
  • Region V: South-West Pacific
  • Region VI: Europe
Vision, Mission, Strategic Planning

WMO provides world leadership and expertise in international cooperation in the delivery and use of high-quality, authoritative weather, climate, hydrological and related environmental services by its Members, for the improvement of the well-being of societies of all nations.

Procurement and Contract Management

The objective of the procurement activities within the WMO is to achieve best value for money for the acquisition of goods and services in a manner that supports fairness, integrity and transparency, and is directed towards maximum economy and effectiveness within, and in accordance with, the objectives of the Organization.


The WMO recruits talented staff with diverse and rich backgrounds, experience and expertise. Recruitment of staff at the Professional level and above is international, and at the General Service level local. The Organization offers attractive benefits and remuneration to all staff.


WMO Awards recognise outstanding contributions in the field of meteorology, breakthroughs in scientific research, young scientists for their exceptional contributions to meteorology and climatology, and young engineers/scientists working on development hydrometeorology.

Finance and Accountability

Internal Oversight Office, External Auditor, Financial Advisory Committee, Audit and Oversight Committee

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