Alexander Bedritsky

Alexander Bedritsky

Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation and Special Envoy for Climate.

Born July 10, 1947 in Angren, Uzbekistan.

Graduated from the Tashkent Electrotechnical Institute of Communications in 1975.

During his 40-year career in the field of hydrometeorology (since 1969), Dr. Bedritsky has held various positions including that of senior engineer of a computer centre and successfully handled a wide range of technical, scientific, managerial, organizational, financial, regulatory and legal challenges faced by the Hydrometeorological Services of the Russian Federation.

Since 1978, he has been actively involved in the activities of WMO and other international organizations and Conferences of Parties of environmental conventions, as well as bilateral and multilateral agreements.

1993-2009 he has served as Head of the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) with the overall responsibility for the development of the operational and scientific entities of Roshydromet at a time of economic reform in the Russian Federation.

In 2000 he defended his PhD thesis "Meteorological Forecasts as a Factor in Minimising Damage Caused by Weather Phenomena".

Alexander Bedritsky served two terms as the President of the World Meteorological Organization (2003-2011). He was awarded a title of President Emeritus of WMO in 2011. Bedritsky was a member of UN High-level Panel on Global Sustainability that launched its report "Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing" in 2012.

In November 2009 he was nominated as Adviser to the President of Russia, Special Envoy for Climate. In May 2012 Alexander Bedritsky was reappointed in the Administration of the President Putin.

Awarded the Order for Services to the Fatherland IV degree, the Order of Courage, and other medals. Twice laureate of the award of the Government of the Russian Federation (1999, 2011).

The World Meteorological Organization’s Executive Council has awarded WMO’s most prestigious prize - 59th International Meteorological Organization  prize to Dr Alexander Bedritsky for his outstanding work in meteorology, climatology, hydrology and related sciences

Dr. Bedritsky is married and has three adult sons.