Paul Egerton, PhD

Paul Egerton, PhD

Director, Cabinet Office of the Secretary-General

Dr Paul Egerton is the Director of the Cabinet Office of the Secretary-General, which includes Executive Management; Strategic Communications, External Relations, Protocol; Monitoring Evaluation, Risk Performance Unit; Controller's Office; UN Affairs Office and EU Affairs Office. The Head of the Secretariat of the Climate Risk Early Warning Systems (CREWS) Initiative also reports to the Director of the Cabinet.

Dr. Paul D. Egerton, appointed as Director of the Cabinet Office of the Secretary-General  in October 2019, has 24 years working experience in international and national governmental organizations, with significant diplomatic and science policy background. Dr Egerton is committed to the highest standards of organizational management and public service delivery. His approach to directing of the Cabinet Office is based on ensuring strategic communication, excellent risk management and providing continuous situational awareness for Executive Management.

Dr Egerton served seven years WMO Representative to the United Nations Headquarters. Since 2012, he has represented the Organization in diplomatic negotiations in the United Nations General Assembly, with Member States and with international organizations in New York and Washington, DC, including meetings at the White House and at the World Bank. He had frequent direct contact and provided advice to the United Nations Secretary-General's Executive Office on high-level climate policy as a Secretary-General Sherpa to the United Nations climate principals, United Nations Chief Executives Board and High level Committee on programmes.

Prior to moving to New York, he spent 12 years in European institutions as Head of Corporate Science Operations Development and Head of Life Earth and Environmental Sciences at the European Science Foundation in Brussels and Strasbourg with frequent missions to ministries and international organizations, and in diplomatic posts in Europe, North America and South East Asia. He was previously Executive Director of the European Commissions European Polar Consortium, Brussels, and Political Director of the European Union Icebreaker Consortium. He was the Programme Science coordinator in the United Kingdom’s Natural Environment Research Council, Swindon, and at the Marine Geology and operations group at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh. He focused on the funding and science policy of European research sectors and marine/petroleum exploration.

Dr. Egerton was a postdoctoral research associate at the Energy, Geoscience and Environment Research Institute, University of Utah, United States of America. He holds a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Leeds; a Masters in Security Intelligence and Defense at the University of Hull (United Kingdom); and a Bsc Hons in Geology from the University of Manchester.