Structure of the Secretariat

Structure of the Secretariat

The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary-General, who is appointed by the World Meteorological Congress for a four-year term with a maximum tenure of 8 years. The Secretary-General has the responsibility to appoint all Secretariat staff, including the Deputy Secretary-General and the Assistant Secretary-General, in accordance with regulations established by Congress, and with the approval of the Executive Council.


Petteri Taalas
Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General
Entities under direct supervision of the Secretary-General:
Legal Counsel
Internal Oversight Office
Ethics Office
(shared with ITU)
Elena Manaenkova/WMO
Elena Manaenkova, Deputy Secretary-General
Entities under supervision of DSG: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), WMO & UNEP co-sponsored,
as well as the following departments:
Wenjian Zhang/WMO
Wenjian Zhang, Assistant Secretary-General
Entities under supervision of ASG: Administrative Services (Budget Office and the following divisions: Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology Services Division, Procurement, Contract Management & Travel Services)
as well as the following departments:

Pavel Kabat

Research Dept, includes:

Atmospheric Research & Environment Branch

World Climate Research Programme Joint Planning Staff (WMO, UNESCO/IOC & ICSU co-sponsored)
Chief Scientist and Director: Pavel Kabat
Xu Tang
Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction Services Dept, includes:
Meteorological Applications Branch
Multi-hazard Early Warning Services Division
Director: Xu Tang

Robert MastersCabinet and External Relations Dept, includes:

Office of Development Partnerships
Executive Assistant Public Private Partnerships
Communications & Public Affairs
External Relations
Documents & Records Management
New York Liaison Offices
Strategic Planning Office
Director: Robert Masters

Fernando Belda

Observing and Information Systems Dept, includes:
WMO Integrated Global Observing System Branch
WMO Information System Branch
Director: Fernando Belda

Johannes CullmannClimate and Water Dept, includes:

Climate Prediction & Adaptation Branch
Hydrology & Water Resources Branch
Global Framework for Climate Services
Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) Secretariat (WMO, IOC/UNESCO, UNEP & ICSU co-sponsored )
Director: Johannes Cullmann
Development & Regional Activities Dept, includes:
Office for the Least Developed Countries Programme & Regional Coordination
Regional Offices
Education & Training Office
Director: Mary Power

Maja CarrieriLanguage, Conference and Publishing Services Dept, includes:

Linguistic Services & Publishing Branch
Conferences Unit
Building Services Management Unit
Director: Maja Carrieri