Xu Tang

Xu Tang

Director, Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction Services

Mr Xu Tang joined WMO as the Director of Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction Services Department (WDS) in 2013.

Mr Tang leads the development of the WMO Road Map for Disaster Risk Reduction in alignment with the Sendai Framework and the WMO Global Multi-Hazard Alert System (GMAS) for aggregation of authoritative warning information for impact-based decision support services. Mr Tang is the WMO focal point with other international organizations on disaster risk reduction related matters. He has been instrumental in implementing WMO Strategy for Service Delivery, including impact-based forecast and warning services, and promoting implementation of  Common Alert Protocol (CAP).

Mr Tang obtained his PhD in Meteorology from Peking University, Beijing, China. Prior to joining WMO, he served at China Meteorological Administration (CMA), in the China Eastern Regional Meteorological Centre and Shanghai Meteorological Service, for 30 years – 20 of which were spent in senior management positions. He played a role in the modernization of CMA as well as in its strategic planning and research programme.  As Director General (2004-2013) of Shanghai Meteorological Service, he contributed in developing MHEWS for Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta. During his time at CMA, Mr Tang also served on several WMO working groups and expert teams on disaster risk reduction (DRR), multi-hazard early warning services (MHEWS), urban environment services and nowcasting demonstration services.

Mr Tang, a Professor of meteorology in Nanjing University of Information and Technology (1998-2013), authored “The Northern Boundary of the East Asia Monsoon ” (published in Chinese, 2005) and co-authored “Introduction on Urban Meteorology and Environment” (published in Chinese, 2002) with Professor Xiangde Xu. He has also published many research articles and papers related to meteorology, urban environment, and hazard risk assessment.