WMO Community Platform

WMO Community Platform

The newly launched WMO Community Platform (community.wmo.int) is changing the way the WMO Community interacts and how it values collaboration and partnerships. Increased accessibility and capabilities to cross-analyze and visualize information are bringing new insights and participation for good governance. Designed as a community-driven digital platform, WMO Members and Partners now "own" and manage their content. The WMO Community Platform is for you. You are its users and owners. It is now up to you to fill it with life.


The WMO Community Platform officially launched in June 2019 at the Eighteenth World Meteorological Congress, creating greater synergies across the work of the WMO Community through transformative collaboration and information sharing.

It is designed to improve the way we work, by providing:

  • Improved communication through provided collaboration tools, document management and knowledge management
  • Consolidated business information and visualization for decision-makers on tailored dashboards
  • Member-owned profiles, updated directly by Members, ensuring the most up-to-date information is published
  • Digital management and documentation of WMO administrative processes.
  • Alignment with the new 2020-2023 WMO Strategy and restructured WMO activities as part of the Governance Reform process.

​New tools and resources have already launched, with more rolling out over the coming months, including:

  • Contacts databaseAn interactive self-service system allowing Members to review and update information about experts and organizations. It replaces the static Pub5 -- update your organization's and experts' information today. 
  • ExtranetA one-stop shop with personalized Member dashboards. It is organized by activity area, and integrates events and document sharing for working in teams. 
  • Updated Country Profile Database: Now directly managed by Members -- update your country profile today
  • Online nomination and approval of experts: Now easily done via the platform -- create/update your expert's profile and then select them (how-to guide available here).

Future tools are set to include:

  • Answering surveys
  • Registering for participation in an event
  • Submitting travel claims after a meeting.
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Discussion forums
  • Collaborative working spaces
  • Event management
  • Task assignment and tracking

For more detailed information about the new WMO Community Platform, read this December 2019 article in the WMO Bulletin

For questions, contact: community@wmo.int