Executive Council - Seventy-third Session (EC-73) (ONLINE)

Executive Council - Seventy-third Session (EC-73) (ONLINE)


Start date

14 June 2021

End date

25 June 2021

Session information and documents are available here.

The Executive Council coordinates programmes, manages the budget, considers and acts on resolutions and recommendations from the regional associations and technical commissions, and studies and makes recommendations on matters affecting international meteorology and related activities.

The Executive Council normally holds a session at least once a year, at a place and on a date to be determined by the President of the Organization after consultation with other members of the Council. Decisions are passed by a two-thirds majority vote.

The Executive Council comprises the WMO president and three vice-presidents, the six regional association presidents and 27 directors of National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Services elected by Congress. Each member has only one vote. Information on the Members of Executive Council, Working Groups and their members, and Executive Council activities are available in the WMO Community Platform  (link below).

Reports from previous sessions are available here.

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