OSCAR/Surface operational launch

OSCAR/Surface operational launch



2 May 2016

OSCAR, the Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review tool, is a web-based platform that provides an overview of all observational assets available under WIGOS. Network planners can use OSCAR to monitor the current status and evolution of the WIGOS component observing systems and to identify gaps as well as potential synergies for developing partnerships.
OSCAR components: OSCAR/Space contains the space-based observing systems capabilities; OSCAR/Requirements contains information on technology-free observational user requirements for the 14 WMO Application Areas; OSCAR/Surface, the global repository of WIGOS metadata for all surface stations/platforms required for international exchange, according to the WIGOS Metadata Standard.
OSCAR/Surface replaces WMO Publication No. 9, Volume A, Observing Stations and the WMO Catalogue of Radiosondes as well as other similar station inventories. In addition, WMO Members can use OSCAR/Surface as their primary national stations database to store and record WIGOS metadata.

Access OSCAR/Surface here: OSCAR/Surface website

Find out more about OSCAR: OSCAR brochure

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