WMO International Weather App Awards

WMO International Weather App Awards


Start date

20 August 2020

End date

30 September 2020

Weather Apps are used daily by millions, bringing the benefits of meteorological progress to an immense variety of users. The WMO Awards will recognize where excellence in meteorology, design and innovation come together to place compelling, powerful services in the palm of your hand.  –  Gerald Fleming, Ireland, Chair of International Jury for WMO International Weather App Awards 2020

Weather apps are the most popular way to instantly access forecasts, warnings and other useful weather information on our mobile phones. They provide the public with unprecedented flexibility: users choose the information they want, how they get it and how it looks. Apps can be used to present weather and climate information services to the right people, in the right places and at the right times, so they can make informed lifesaving, business and/or leisure decisions.

Such apps have been developed by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), private weather companies, research institutions or individuals and are available in the thousands. The plethora of apps and providers make it quite a challenge for users to select the best app for their needs and interests.

WMO is launching the International Weather App Awards, a new initiative of its public-private engagement platform “Partnership and Innovation for the Next Generation of Weather and Climate Intelligence” announced during the World Meteorological Congress in June 2019. The goal is to help guide users in their app selection and to assist providers with improving their products. Owners/developers of weather and climate apps from all sectors – public, private, academic, civil society – are invited to participate in the Awards by submitting their applications no later than 30 September 2020.

Award categories

  • Public weather forecasts and information apps (general category)
  • Specialized apps
  • Innovation and promotion of the use of weather and climate information for development

Outstanding submissions that do not take the top prize will receive an honourable mention.

Main evaluation criteria

The main goal of the evaluation will be to identify amongst many good apps those that stand out with their usefulness, fitness for purpose, design and appeal, reliable scientific background, and innovation. Evaluation against a set of criteria established on this understanding will be the central part of the extremely heavy task of the International Jury.

The main criteria of the evaluation will be focused on:

  • meteorological content - the quantity and quality of weather and/or climate information with respect to the intended targeted audience of the app
  • credibility and attribution of data sources, e.g., the numerical weather predictions used for the forecast products
  • graphic design and innovation
  • user-friendliness, usefulness
  • accessibility (e.g., language versions, localization options)

General conditions

The app’s primary objective must be to provide weather or climate information for general or specific purpose (e.g., agriculture, health, sports, etc.).

The app must function on the Apple iOS and/or Android operating systems.

Only apps that are available free-of-charge from one of the popular online sites for mobile apps, or from the website of the provider, can be entered in the competition.

For non-English language apps, a mandatory description of functionalities in the English language is required.

Eligibility to participate, weather and climate information services providers in public sector agencies/organizations, including NMHSs or other related agencies, private sector companies, academic sector institutions and non-profit entities.

Register and submit your apps here, please follow instructions. 

For more information, please contact: ppe@wmo.int

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