CCl-17 Focus Area 4 Meeting

CCl-17 Focus Area 4 Meeting


Start date

2 April 2019

End date

4 April 2019
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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The need for capacity development assistance is founded on the WMO Convention, which recognizes that Members need to work with each other and with other organizations to coordinate, standardize, improve and encourage efficiencies in the exchange of information to align their application to the needs of society. The ability of an National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) to carry out its role of national observations, data collection and delivery of services depends on the infrastructure and human resource capacity available to it.  Capacity development is a strategic priority within WMO, as it is critical to enhancing the capabilities and capacities of NMHSs to improve the quality and delivery of services.

The role of CCl Focus Area 4 in Capacity Development

The 17th session of the Commission for Climatology (CCl-17, Geneva, April 2018) decided that capacity development for climate services should encompass all elements of the climate services value chain, from climate data management, climate monitoring and prediction, to service delivery and communication of relevant products to end users, in compliance with the highest quality management standards. It further recognized that capacity development is a major cross-cutting pillar of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) which explicitly addresses institutional, infrastructural, procedural and human resource capacities. The Commission noted that for capacity development of NMHSs in terms of improved infrastructure and qualified human resources for the provision of better climate services, they should consider the presence of development agencies and regional organizations at the country level and find synergies and coordination with them, in particular with respect to training and other related activities. 

Expected meeting outcomes

CCl-17 has already defined the mission, terms of reference and deliverables of each Expert Team/Task Team. A preliminary workplan was submitted to the first CCl-17 Management Group in September 2018. This meeting will update the FA 4 workplan, consider deliberations on the structure and content of the deliverables and distribute the tasks among ET members to ensure that the final products will be submitted in a timely manner. 

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