Joint Management Group Meeting for Asia and the South-West Pacific

Joint Management Group Meeting for Asia and the South-West Pacific


Start date

29 October 2019

End date

31 October 2019

Venue: Orchard Hotel Singapore


The main objectives of this meeting are to discuss follow-up actions on key outcomes from the Eighteenth World Meteorological Congress (Cg-18) and the seventy-first session of Executive Council (EC-71), with a focus on

  1. Regionalizing the WMO Strategic and Operational Plan 2020-2023;

  2. Aligning the working mechanisms of the regional associations with those of the technical commissions; and

  3. Determining dates/location for regional associations sessions in 2020.

The meeting will also identify cross-cutting issues and challenges in the regions/sub-regions and synergistic effects of cross-regional cooperation for capacity development of NMHSs in the Asia-Pacific region.


Documents are here.


Concept Note

Provisional Agenda

Provisional Annotated Agenda

Draft Work Plan

Draft Programme

Information Note

Provisional list of participants


No. Provisional Agenda  
1 Opening  
2 Review of key resolutions from Cg-18 and EC-71  
3 High priority activities in the region  
4 WMO Governance Reform - Way forward from regional perspectives  
5 Regional cooperation on capacity development  
6 Regional session and conference  
7 Regional matters  
8 Reports on the outcomes of parallel sessions  
9 Cross-regional cooperation on capacity development  
10 Recommendations  
11 Other business  
12 Closing  


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