South Asia Hydromet Forum - Pathways for Regional Collaboration

South Asia Hydromet Forum - Pathways for Regional Collaboration


Start date

18 September 2018

End date

20 September 2018
World Bank
Geneva, Switzerland

18 - 20 September, 2018. Geneva, Switzerland. 

This Forum is conceived as the first in a series of such consultations that aims to showcase and push ongoing national-level modernization efforts in hydromet service delivery to the next level through regional-level collaboration. Its focus is on bringing together agencies providing and using weather services. As such, it puts the issue of service delivery and the need for regional collaboration and innovation center stage. Though narrow in scope, the Forum aims to contribute to building and strengthening a constituency around the development of weather and climate services relevant to the productivity of key climate dependent sectors and impact lives of people in the region on an ongoing basis.

Future regional collaborative events are expected to expand their focus to other thematic areas such as hydrological services and help inform linkages with hydromet service delivery efforts across the region.


The objective of the Forum is to bring together high-level representatives from government agencies and development institutions working on weather and climate services to:

  • Share information about ongoing national hydromet modernization efforts in the region;
  • Identify areas to strengthen regional collaboration and;
  • Discuss institutional arrangements needed to sustain and scale up ongoing national and regional efforts in the delivery of hydromet and climate services.

These discussions are important and timely given the transboundary nature of weather and climate risks that affect all countries in the region.


The South Asia Hydromet Services Forum will bring together representatives from government and development institutions working on the supply and demand side of weather and climate services, which is considered a key element of sustainable development.


World Meteorological Organization

7bis Avenue de la Paix, C.P. 2300

CH-1211, Geneva 2, Switzerland


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