Innovation in Hydrometry - from ideas to operation

IAHS-MOXXI and WMO HydroHub joint Workshop

Reliable hydrological information describing the key aspects of our water resources both in terms of quantity and quality are prerequisites for informed decision- and policy-making in our rapidly transforming world. In turn, the ability to provide this information through tailored services and convey it to various audiences is based on sound hydrological observation data.

The challenges are complex. On the one hand, National Hydro-Meteorological Services operating the required monitoring networks face limited and often decreasing human and financial resources. On the other hand, there is a wealth of opportunities in the use of innovative technologies to address these challenges that currently have limited uptake. The joint IAHS-MOXXI (Measurements and Observations in the 21st century) and WMO HydroHub workshop will provide an opportunity to bridge gaps between the providers of innovative technologies and potential users, which can help to increase the cost-efficiency of the monitoring networks.

Bringing together innovators and experts from National Hydro-Meteorological Services, the workshop will aim to initiate a dialogue between the communities and broker new opportunities for closer collaboration in order to provide innovative operational solutions.


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