Technical Coordination Committee

Technical Coordination Committee

The Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) acts as a two-way interface between the Executive Council and the technical bodies of the Organizations: technical commissions, the Research Board, and other relevant bodies.

The Technical Coordination Committee ensures the coordination between these bodies and shall provide the necessary analytical information to inform Executive Council decisions on technical matters. The Committee shall oversee the level of coordination between the technical bodies and the regional associations to ensure that the technical work of the Organization is properly guided by the needs and priorities identified by Members.

Terms of Reference

The committee shall report to the Executive Council on the following issues:

  1. Progress in developing further the WMO technical regulatory framework in a consistent manner by all technical bodies involved
  2. Status of compliance with technical regulations of the WMO Members, including advice on identified barriers to compliance and ways to address them to resolve deficiencies
  3. Impact and risk assessment of new standards and technology on the systems operated by Members, including financial and human resources impact
  4. Evolving user needs for information and services and alignment of the plans of the WMO technical bodies to meet those needs
  5. Collaboration and coordination between the technical bodies and regional associations to ensure that regional priorities and requirements are considered into the technical bodies’ planning
  6. Collaboration among the technical commissions, the Research Board and any other bodies established by Congress or Executive Council required to facilitate the transition of research to operations through co-design, operational testing and feed-back from operational community
  7. Issues of common concerns of regional associations, technical commissions, the Research Board and any other bodies established by Congress or Executive Council affecting the progress of implementation of the Strategic and Operating Plans
  8. Coordination with other bodies, such as SAP and PAC and any other issues that might be referred to by the Executive Council


  1. The presidents and vice-presidents of the technical commissions
  2. The presidents of regional associations
  3. The chair and vice-chair of the Research Board
  4. The chairs of any other bodies established by Congress or Executive Council
  5. The chairs of other WMO sponsored and co-sponsored technical bodies identified by the President

Working Procedures

  • The Committee shall be chaired by a WMO Vice-President
  • The Committee shall meet in principle once per year prior to a session of Executive Council
  • The chair of the Committee may invite experts and/or representatives from other partner organizations to attend meetings of the Committee as observers
  • At meetings of the Committee, the members may be assisted by advisors
  • The Committee may establish time-bound substructures for the discharge of specific tasks during an intersessional period. Such temporary substructures shall be discontinued at the end of every intersessional period

EC-70 defered the implementation of the TCC to its seventy-first session.