Other Bodies

Other Bodies

Both the World Meteorological Congress and Exective Council have created advisory and coordination bodies to streamline the work of the Organization and decision-making. These include the Technical Coordination Committee, Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP), Joint WMO-IOC Collaborative Board and several panels.

Scientific Advisory Panel

The Scientific Advisory Panel shall draw up opinions and recommendations to Congress and to the Executive Council on matters concerning WMO research strategies and the optimal scientific directions to support the evolution of its mandate in weather, climate, water and related environmental and social sciences.

Joint WMO-IOC Collaborative Board

Based on the recommendations of the Joint WMO-IOC Consultation Group on the Reform of JCOMM (Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology) established by WMO Executive Council-70 and IOC EC-51 in June 2018, Congress 18, through Resolution 9 (Cg-18), and the 30th IOC Assembly, through Resolution XXX-2, established the Joint WMO-IOC Collaborative Board.

Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) shall advise the Executive Council on any matters concerning the strategy and policy of the Organization submitted to it by the Executive Council.

Technical Coordination Committee

The Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) acts as a two-way interface between the Executive Council and the technical bodies of the Organizations: technical commissions, the Research Board, and other relevant bodies.

Coordination Panels

In June 2019, the Seventy-first Executive Council (EC71) approved the set up of new panels to streamlines its work in several areas:

  • Climate Coordination Panel
  • Hydrological Coordination Panel
  • Executive Council Panel of Experts on Polar and High-mountain Observations, Research and Services
  • Capacity Development Panel