Publish Date:
21 January 2019

Environmental risks continue to dominate the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks Perception Survey, accounting for three of the top five risks by likelihood and four by impact. 

Publish Date:
17 January 2019

The year 2019 has started where 2018 left off – with extreme weather causing disruption, damage and loss of life. The high impact of these events – some of which are consistent from what we expect as a result of climate change -  underline why extreme weather, climate change and environmental risks dominated the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks Perception Survey.


Publish Date:
8 January 2019

An international effort delivering an unsurpassed look at changes occurring in the ocean worldwide has achieved a major milestone as it marks its 20th anniversary. The Argo programme, which incorporates about 4,000 floats worldwide, delivered its two millionth profile of physical data from the from the upper 2 kilometers of the worlds oceans. 

Publish Date:
7 January 2019

The Principality of Andorra has become the 192nd Member of WMO.  The small, landlocked  nation, situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains, will become the 51st country in WMO’s Regional Association for Europe (RAVI).

Publish Date:
18 December 2018

An operational system has been developed on the island of Hispaniola to produce and disseminate new early warning information on coastal flooding, which will help save lives and protect property in low-lying, populated coastal areas. There is potential to enhance this early warning platform in the future and to extend it to other Caribbean nations.