The 140th Anniversary of the Shanghai Xujiahui Observatory

The 140th Anniversary of the Shanghai Xujiahui Observatory



5 December 2012
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Shanghai Xujiahui Observatory, a multi-functional observatory was established in 1872. It has been called “the No.1 meteorological observatory in the Far East” at that time and has played a significant role in the international meteorological history. Xujiahui Observatory also has been highly praised by the international community.

Shanghai Xujiahui Observatory witnessed the Chinese modern meteorological history. It gives us lots of precious data such as the meteorological building with history of over 100 years and the unique style. Its scientific and cultural values are of great importance. Xujiahui Observatory started to observe weather from December, 1872. In 1879, it issued typhoon forecast for the 1st time. In 1882, it released weather forecast in both Chinese and English newspaper which included not only Chinese meteorological report, but also report for northern and southwestern Asia. In 1884, the signal tower in the bund in Shanghai was built. In 1895, China's 1st surface weather map for East Asia was produced there. In the end of the 19th century, its contact network reached Siberia in the north, Manila in the south, Japan in the east and India Peninsular in the west. Meanwhile, Xujiahui Observatory also released weather information for the meteorological observatories in Chinese coastal areas and sailing ships and gained gratefulness of navigators for the meteorological report. From March 1 of 1920, after releasing daily weather report by radio, Xujiahui Observatory started to release upper air conditions at 11:00 and 17:00 every day. >> More

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