2013 Seasonal rainfall prediction (NIMET-SRP, Nigeria)

2013 Seasonal rainfall prediction (NIMET-SRP, Nigeria)



20 March 2013
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The frequency and intensity of extreme weather and climate events such as floods, severe drought, heat waves, ocean surges, have been increasing in recent years all over the world.This trend has been attributed to Global Warming and Climate Change. Nigeria has been experiencing this global trend. In the northern parts of the country, drought and desertification have been encroaching on arable land, while soil erosion and landslide in the south destroy farmlands, houses, roads and other infrastructure.Also, communities in the coastal and riverine areas suffer from the menace of recurrent coastal inundation and soil water intrusion, resulting in environmental degradation and destruction of the ecosystem. Most parts of Nigeria, particularly those along river banks and coastal areas are often devastated by flooding. >> More

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