Annual Australian Climate Statement 2010

Annual Australian Climate Statement 2010



5 January 2011
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Data collected by the Bureau of Meteorology show that the Australian mean rainfall total for 2010 was 690 mm, well above the long-term average of 465 mm. As a result, 2010 was Australia’s wettest year since 2000 and the third-wettest year on record (records commence in 1900).

2010 began with El Niño conditions in the Pacific followed by a rapid transition into La Niña during autumn. From January to May rainfall was generally above average in most areas except the western half of Western Australia and southern Tasmania. By July, La Niña conditions were well established and most areas of Australia experienced very much above average rainfall. The second half of the year (July to December) was the wettest on record for Australia.

However, not all areas were very wet during 2010. Southwest Western Australia had its driest year on record, and Tasmania had near to average rainfall for the year; the result of a dry first six months followed by a relatively wet second six months. >> Full text

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