BMKG (Indonesia) breaks the national record of manually drawing 365 streamline maps in a day

BMKG (Indonesia) breaks the national record of manually drawing 365 streamline maps in a day



26 August 2019

As a part of activities to commemorate the 72nd Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Day (HMKG), BMKG has organized a unique, educational, and creative activity to create 365 streamline maps in only 1 hour 45 minutes involving 365 participants consisting of BMKG staff who are still active, lecturers, and students of BMKG School of Meteorology.

Each participant is responsible to draw manually one streamline map. The number of 365 associates with the number of days in a year, in this case is 2018. So, basically all participants collectively produced one-year streamline maps.

This activity is intended to be registered at the Indonesian Record Museum as a record of “creating the highest number streamline maps carried out at the same time”, which has never been done in Indonesia.

This activity was conducted on August 14, 2019 at 08.00 local time, at the BMKG headquarter.

Before the digitalization era, a weather forecaster in the past has to create streamline map manually as a first step in producing weather forecast.

For "meteorologists ", knowing the general circulation of wind at regional scale is crucial to predict the movement of air masses, cloud formation, and area with high probability of potential tropical cyclone to form. 

The participants actually no longer manually draw the streamline in their routine jobs. Instead, they use digital application in this modern era. Thus, this breaking record activity provides a moment of nostalgia for weather forecaster to re-memorize the fun time in creating streamline map.

By this activity, BMKG wants to appreciate their weather forecasters who continuously analyse the streamline map, day by day and this analysis process has been carried out for 72 years since BMKG has begun.

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