Canada's Top Ten Weather Stories for 2012 (Environment Canada )

Canada's Top Ten Weather Stories for 2012 (Environment Canada )



7 January 2013
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Go big seemed to be the theme for Mother Nature in 2012 across North America. Super Storm Sandy was said to be the most powerful and biggest Atlantic hurricane in history. But while Sandy was catastrophic for the United States, she was merely a nasty fall storm in Canada; one with a $100 million price tag! The hurricane was a blockbuster in what was another active season. Oddly, it was the third consecutive year that 19 tropical storms developed in the Atlantic basin, which is nearly double the norm. Across Canada, big storms and floods dominated the landscape from January to December leading to mega-buck losses for businesses, governments and thousands of Canadians. Insurers were hit hard by the wicked weather in 2012, facing more than $1 billion in payouts in three of the past four years – an unprecedented and worrisome trend for the industry. >> More

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