Canada's Top Ten Weather Stories for 2013 (Environment Canada)

Canada's Top Ten Weather Stories for 2013 (Environment Canada)



20 December 2013
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Floods were the big newsmakers in Canada in 2013. In some cases it was fast and furious rains that were to blame; in others it was a mix of rainfall and snowmelt. Add an urban landscape with little capacity to absorb the aftermath and you have all the key ingredients for an ominous overflow. The biggest flood hit in June when torrential downpours overwhelmed Calgary and vast areas of southern Alberta forcing 100,000 Albertans from their homes and causing billions of dollars in damages. Three weeks later, large parts of Toronto’s core were flooded by one of the heaviest one-day rainfalls in the city’s history. Canadians were wowed by images of the immediate and powerful forces of nature on our streets and in our backyards. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, those two events constitute the first and third largest natural insured catastrophes in Canadian history.  Worth noting is nature’s apparent interest in Calgary. This year’s flooding made it the fourth year in a row that violent weather struck the city hard. Last year, as it was in 2010, a monstrous hailer inflicted multi-million dollar property losses. In 2011, powerful Chinook winds ripped through the downtown at hurricane-force speeds, causing millions more in damages. >> More

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