CMA experts provide technical assistance for Bangladesh

CMA experts provide technical assistance for Bangladesh



3 July 2015

Between June 8 and June 13, experts from National Meteorological Center of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and National Meteorological Information Center went to Bangladesh Meteorological Department to provide technical services in forecasting, data system and communication system.

The expert team did a lot of work in Bangladesh, such as invested and maintained the relevant system, upgraded the MICAPS, set up SWAP system, replaced shortcut system of FY-satellite, imported data of FY2G and configured system for satellite switch, and provided training and Q&A session for engineers and weatherman to maintain systems and use the client-side of MICAPS. They also learnt about the process of forecasting in Bangladesh in order to provide further assistance. Their work were thanked and welcomed by leaders of Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

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