CMA issued "2011 China's climate report"

CMA issued "2011 China's climate report"



12 January 2012
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A la découverte des archives du climat français

On January 6, CMA issued "2011 China’s climate report" in Beijing. This report pointed out that in 2011 China’s climate was generally warm and dry; China’s average temperature was moderately high and 2011 was continuously the 15th warm year; China’s average precipitation was the minimum of nearly 60 years; rain belt of flood season moved towards north; regional and periodical meteorological disaster occurred frequently. According to preliminary statistics, in 2011, the direct economic loss caused by main meteorological disasters was 303 billion yuan, which was higher than the average number from 1990 to 2010. 1049 people were lost or missed, fewer than normal years.

According to data, the average temperature of China in 2011 was 9.3℃, 0.5℃ higher than the normal years. Days of high temperature in southern China were more than normal level.

Under the background of higher average temperature, the precipitation of 2011 was less. China’s average annual precipitation was 556.8mm, 9% less than the normal years as well as the minimum since 1951. From winter to next summer, the precipitation was continuously less. The situation was "flood in the north and drought in the south".


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