CMA: Message of Zheng Guoguang on World Meteorological Day 2012

CMA: Message of Zheng Guoguang on World Meteorological Day 2012



19 March 2012
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This March 23 is the 52nd World Meteorological Day whose theme is "Powering Our Future with Weather, Climate and Water". This theme demonstrates that people have understood the important role of weather, climate and water in human being's future. In our sustainable development practice, all the countries should join together to help more and more sensitive weather, climate and water resources to drive future development and find out solutions to solve the problems in the present human being's [image] development.

As an important part of natural environment and resources, weather and climate are important for people's production and life. Weather has close relation with our life and has always caught our attention. Colorful material and intellectual civilizations come from changes of climate and resource environment. Water is source of life and one of the most important resources for human being's sustainable survival and healthy life. We take powers for weather, climate and water to power our growth as well as experience difficulties brought by them: about 90% natural disasters are linked with weather, climate and water.


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