CMA released China greenhouse gas bulletin (China Meteorological Administration)

CMA released China greenhouse gas bulletin (China Meteorological Administration)



15 January 2013
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On January 14, 2012, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) released the No.1 issue of China Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, which is made by the Climate Change Centre of CMA.   

Since 1980s, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has put in place seven atmospheric background stations-Waliguan in Qinghai (WLG), Shangdianzi in Beijing (SDZ), Lin'an in Zhejiang (LAN), Longfengshan in Heilongjiang (LFS), Shangri-La in Yunnan (XGL), Jinsha in Hubei (JSA) and Akedala in Xinjiang (AKD), which represent a number of typical climatic, ecological and economic zones in China. Greenhouse gases and related tracers have been observed by network stations in a standard and consistent routine in response to the Kyoto Protocol and the Montreal Protocols. In particular, the Waliguan Global Atmosphere Watch Baseline Observatory has engaged in flask air sampling analysis since 1990 and in-situ observation since 1994. The 20-year history in observation rewards the longest time series in atmospheric CO2 records in China. The flask air sampling analysis and the in-situ observations were launched in other background stations beginning from 2006. >> More

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