CMA: Review of regional sand and dust storm centre

CMA: Review of regional sand and dust storm centre



29 August 2019

Every year, when there is busy season for sand and dust storm, large scale weather of this kind will pose huge hazards to human health and property. People residing in sandstorm-affected areas urgently call for establishing regional and specialized monitoring and warning center, and Regional Specialized Meteorological Center with activity specialization on Atmospheric Sand and Dust Forecast (RSMC-ASDF) of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) came into being.

In May, 2017, RSMC-ASDF Beijing (hereafter referred to as the Center) was approved by WMO and the Center is located in Beijing. For two years, the Center has prolonged sand and dust forecast time span from 3 days to 5 days, with a higher spatial resolution. The forecast area is expanded from domestic areas to Asian areas, with forecast accuracy up from 60% to 80%.

Mr. Gui Hailin, Senior Engineer from Environmental Meteorological Centre of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) stated that Northwest China and North China, Republic of Korea, and Japan are within the areas affected by sand and dust from Central Asia. For many years, China has done large quantities of work revolving around regional forecast service of sand and dust weather and provided warning for Asian countries.

Operated by National Meteorological Center (NMC), the Center is the second regional specialized meteorological center recognized by WMO since RSMC Beijing, 1997.

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