CMA revises haze warning standard taking PM2.5 as quota

CMA revises haze warning standard taking PM2.5 as quota



31 January 2013
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On January 28, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) revised warning signal of haze taking PM2.5 (a fine particulate matter) into consideration. At the same day, the Central Meteorological Office of CMA issued a yellow category haze warning in the first time as independent warning signal.

According to the new standards, haze warning falls into three categories: yellow, orange, and red separately indicating moderate, heavy, and extreme haze intensities. In the first time, PM2.5 is taken into consideration as same importance with atmospheric visibility, comparative humidity and other meteorological factors, reflecting air pollution conditions to the haze warning.

Since January this year, most parts of central and eastern China have seen large scale fog & haze weather, which produced adverse impacts to atmospheric environment, human health, and the on-going Spring Festival Travel. CMA urges all levels of departments to do a good job of observation and warning of haze and fog weather. (Jan. 30). >> More

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