CMA urges to enhance met. service for floods and typhoon

CMA urges to enhance met. service for floods and typhoon



20 August 2013
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Yesterday, Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of CMA conveyed the requirements of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on flood prevention in Northeast China and typhoon defense in Guangdong. Dr. Zheng put forward five points to enhance monitoring and forecasting,  and  provide better meteorological service for flood and typhoon prevention. He urged meteorological departments to define job responsibilities, strengthen cooperation with each other and make resource integration to develop better monitoring & forecast. Meanwhile, the meteorological departments had better build special monitoring and forecasting groups, broadcast the weather condition & forecast for 24 hours and enhance refined forecast on the basis of the actual needs of floods prevention.

Moreover, it’s necessary to highlight monitoring & forecasting and consider every influence factors. For the Northeast China floods, it’s not only make the monitoring and forecasting for precipitation under the territory, but also take into account the upstream rainfall and water condition. For Guangdong’s condition, the results of previous severe precipitation and the present influence by severe storm Trami are equally important. >>More

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