Ethiopia - National Meteorology Agency

Ethiopia - National Meteorology Agency



5 March 2013
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Seasonal Review

Under normal condition, rain giving meteorological conditions starts to retreat gradually southwards starting from September which as a result, the northern half of the country are dominated by cool and dry air. In 2012/13, some parts of the country, particularly northern Ethiopia were dominated by dry and cold temperature. In association with this, the daily minimum temperature over the frost prone highlands of northeastern, southern, central and eastern attained freezing temperature as low as -3.5oC. During the month of October,100-207mm was observed over eastern Gambela, southern section of SNNPR, western and southern Oromiya and central Somali whereas, western Amhara, Benshangul-Gumuz, highlands of western and southern Oromiya ,western Gambela, eastern Tigray and most of Somali recorded 25-100mm. >> More

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