GAWTEC marks 15th anniversary

GAWTEC marks 15th anniversary



2 December 2016

GAWTEC marks 15th anniversary

GAWTEC at 15, Zugspitze, GermanyGAWTEC, the Global Atmosphere Watch Training and Education Centre, that means 30 courses, 341 participants from 63 different countries.

On November 3rd we celebrated the 15th anniversary in the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus.

Dr. Kratzer (Chief climate protection, Environmental Science and Technology, recycling economy Department; Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection), Dr. Holzmann (Vice president; German Environment Agency) and Dr. Tarasova (Chief, Atmospheric Environment Research Division, Research Department; WMO) pointed out the importance of atmospheric observations to predict future atmospheric states as well as to provide reliable scientific data and information for national and international policy makers.

All participants agreed in proceeding the course in future years and ended the ceremony with balloons being started from the top of the Schneefernerhaus.

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