India’s 2015 climate significantly warmer than normal

India’s 2015 climate significantly warmer than normal



5 February 2016

The climate of India was significantly warmer than normal during 2015 in line with the warmer than normal global climate observed during the period. According to the India Meteorological Department, the annual mean land-surface air temperature averaged over the country during 2015 was +0.670C above the 1961-1990 average, thus making the year 2015 as the third warmest year on record since nation-wide records commenced in 1901. The warmest ever annual mean temperature was recorded in 2009 (+0.77 0C) followed by 2010 (+0.75 0C).

The warmer than normal climate over India can also be attributed to the below-average rainfall level observed over the country as a whole, which was 91% of the Long Period (1951-2000) Average (LPA). The annual rainfall deficiency was mainly due to the significantly below-average (86% of LPA) rainfall during the principal rainy season (the southwest monsoon season in June-September).

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