Message for MeteoWorld pavilion by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Message for MeteoWorld pavilion by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon



30 October 2010
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MeteoWorld, Shanghai World Expo 2010

Ban Ki-moon message

I have been delighted to visit this unique pavilion.

It is hard to believe that this is the first-ever meteorological pavilion in a century- and-a-half of world expos.

After all, weather, climate and ecosystems are quintessential global issues.

They cross borders, affect us all, shape almost every aspect of our lives — from the places we live to the food we eat and the jobs we have.

One would think, therefore, that these would have been appropriate subjects for world expositions long before this one.

But you have made up for lost time. The displays are wonderful and fascinating.

Now more than ever, we are aware of the profound impact that human activities are having on the stability of the climate and the health of the ecosystems that sustain us.

Now more than ever, we need better information and tools to help us strengthen resilience and adapt to adverse consequences.

Climate change is not some future scenario – it’s here today, bringing with it new challenges for our common future. The information and services showcased in this pavilion can help us prepare for that future.

MeteoWorld also illustrates how the international meteorological community, working together under the auspices of a UN Agency, can improve the safety and well- being of millions.

Let me also say that I am impressed not only by the scope of scientific information on display, but by the architecture as well.

I congratulate the World Meteorological Organization, the China Meteorological Administration, and all other partners, for this great contribution to our work to build a better world.

And I thank the staff of the pavilion for their hard work and dedication in welcoming so many visitors. This pavilion has been a great success.

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