MSG-3 successfully launched (EUMETSAT)

MSG-3 successfully launched (EUMETSAT)



6 July 2012
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MSG-3 was successfully launched from Kourou, Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, on an Ariane-5 launcher to replace the ageing Meteosat-8 and secure continuity of the operational services from the geostationary orbit. Alain Ratier, EUMETSAT’s Director-General, said, “Together with Meteosat-9, MSG-3, the future Meteosat-10, will form the two-satellite Meteosat Second Generation system that supports weather forecasters in their time-critical nowcasting tasks. This involves detecting and monitoring rapidly developing high impact phenomena like thunderstorms or fog and issuing related warnings”. >> More

Video of the launch is available on YouTube 

And available to download here

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