New installation extends Finland's radar network

New installation extends Finland's radar network



13 January 2015

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's new, modern weather radar will be commissioned in Kesälahti. The new radar built at Kesälahti, in the municipality of Kitee, will complement Finland's network of weather radars and bring major benefits, particularly in forecasting snow in winter and slippery driving conditions.

The new radar built in Northern Karelia will significantly improve the weather radar service in the region of Eastern Finland. After the building of the latest radar, Finland's weather radar network will consist of nine radar stations. The Finnish Meteorological Institute's other weather radars are located in Korppoo, Vantaa, Anjalankoski, Ikaalinen, Kuopio, Utajärvi, Vimpeli and Luostotunturi in Sodankylä. The radar tower at Kesälahti is 30.6 metres tall and the total height will be 36 metres including the radome.

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