News of the Russian Antarctic expedition

News of the Russian Antarctic expedition



14 March 2013
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At the beginning of February according to the program of the 58th seasonal Russian Antarctic expedition (RAE) “Basler” BT-67 plane flights on the "Vostok" station came to the end. On 3-5 February three flights on the route "Progress" - "Vostok" - "Progress" station on distance of 1350 km in one way were executed, - the Chief of RAE Vladimir Lukin narrates. By means of these flights more than 5 tons of the frigolabile food and the equipment were delivered to the "Vostok" station, and with the return flights to the gulf Pryudz coast a part of experts of the 57th wintering RAE, the employees of the 58th seasonal RAE, the scientific equipment and the samples of the ice core from a deep ice well were delivered. The participants of glaciological - boring group headed by Head of the Department of drilling of wells of National Mineral and Raw University "Gorny", professor Nikolay Vasilyev and the manager of Laboratory of Variability of Climate and Environment of Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute Vladimir Lipenkov left "Vostok" station with the final flight. >> More

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