Nigeria Climate Review Bulletin 2010

Nigeria Climate Review Bulletin 2010



31 May 2011
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Nigeria is part of the global community and therefore not immune to the impacts of climate change. Just like the MDGs, our Vision 20: 2020 may also be at risk if Climate Change adaptation and mitigation strategies are not put in place. Therefore, there is need for adequate understanding of past, present and future climate trends to enable policy makers manage our changing climate and mainstream climate information into our national and global development plans. This implies that climate risk information derived from analyses of Nigerian climate data need to be integrated into our national planning and decision-making. Such integration should encompass both the challenges that climate extremes pose and the opportunities climate change presents, especially those associated with the green economy, as a pathway for sustainable development. It is in the light of this concept that NIMET publishes the Nigeria Climate Review Bulletin annually to assess the climate of the previous year and also to bridge the gap between climate and socio-economic development. The publication compliments the Seasonal Rainfall Prediction which NIMET also presents to the public at the beginning of each year.

The review of the climate over Nigeria in 2010 has shown that warmer than normal conditions prevailed over greater parts of the country especially in the north and central states. Rainfall amounts in the year over the country were generally higher than long term mean values except in places in and around Kwara State, leading to floods and opening of dams.>> More

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