Rainy season ends in Zambia after heavy flooding

Rainy season ends in Zambia after heavy flooding



14 April 2009
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The rainy season has ended over western Zambia, after heavy rainfall in March caused flooding that affected much of the area. The recent rainfall was expected: the Director of Meteorology for Zambia predicted a normal to above-normal rainy season as part of its seasonal forecast issued on 17 September 2008.

From 1 to 20 March, heavy rainfall affected the western half of Zambia. At the same time, southeastern Angola and northern Namibia had consistently heavy rainfall as well. As these areas are part of the Zambezi catchment area, water levels on the Zambezi river rose and resulted in flooding. Water levels had already been high from the previous rainy season.

The floods closed down schools in the affected areas, and villagers were evacuated to higher ground. Some portions of roads were washed away, leaving some districts cut off from the rest of Zambia, such as Shangombo District of Western Province. Since 22 March 2009, no significant rainfall has been reported over these flood-affected areas. However, water levels in the Zambezi River are expected to continue rising due to the rain that is still falling over Angola.

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