Record-breaking temperatures in Israel July 2019

Record-breaking temperatures in Israel July 2019



25 July 2019

An extreme Sharav occurred in Israel on July 17th. In Sedom (southern Dead Sea) the daily maximum temperature reached an outstanding high of 49.9°C, which is the highest temperature recorded in Israel since June 1942 (On June 21st 1942, 54°C was measured at Tirat Tzvi, the highest temperature ever recorded in Israel). A Sharav depression (warm cyclone) reached Israel from North Africa, which is unusual for the main summer months (it mostly occurs in spring). As a result there was a sharp rise in temperatures, which reached 40-42°C in the Coastal Plain, the Northern Valleys and the northern Negev, 42-43°C in the central Negev, 37-39°C in the Coastal Strip and 34-36°C in the mountainous areas. In the Jordan Valley and the Arava 43-46°C were measured with some places even warmer: Paran (central Arava) measuring 47.1°C, Hazeva (northern Arava) 48.5°C and the aforementioned 49.9°C in Sedom. The relative humidity was very low (10%-25%) in all areas, including the Coastal Plain which normally is humid in summer, with relative humidity values of  60%-70% at noon.

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