Roshydromet (Russian Federation): The marine expedition TRANSARCTIC

Roshydromet (Russian Federation): The marine expedition TRANSARCTIC



18 April 2019

The expedition "TRANSARCTICA – 2019, the first stage" precedes the work of the international floating Observatory, planned to be deployed in the framework of the MOSAiC project (The Multi-Disciplinary drifting Observatory for the study of Arctic Climate programme). Taking into account, the scientific and practical results obtained in the expedition will contribute to the successful implementation of the MOSAiC project.

On March 20, 2019, the marine expedition TRANSARCTIC began with the release of the scientific expedition vessel "Academic Tryoshnikov" from the Murmansk port. Transarctic is a large-scale project of Roshydromet, continuing the research traditions of the sea, air expeditions and drifting stations "North Pole" in the high-latitude Arctic.

News of the expedition

To monitor drift

Scientific program

Further details at Transarctic_1.doc


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