Sudan Meteorological Authority: Sudan Seasonal Monitor

Sudan Meteorological Authority: Sudan Seasonal Monitor



20 June 2011
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Early and advanced movement of IFT northward, implied significant rainfall over the north part of Sudan with high rainfall amounts registered in the Southern and western part of Sudan during late May. 

Good late May rainfall will support the agricultural situations in the southern Sudan and provide favorable situation for early growing in the southern Kordofan and Southern Darfur. Favorable conditions of growing seasons and replanting are maintained by late May good rainfall , especially in the southern and western parts of Sudan. Vegetation has significantly developed to average levels in the areas of Warab, Jonglei, Bahr Eljabal, Unity, Western Bahr Elghazal, Western Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria after the March and April dryness. 

Forecasts for July-August-September rainfall from different sources (IRI and ECMWF) have become more consistent. Considering forecasts from SMA and from other institutions, expectations for this key period of the rainy season are of on average to above average rainfall.>> More

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