UK Met Office: New climate change assessment report

UK Met Office: New climate change assessment report



7 December 2011
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The results of a major new scientific assessment of climate change were published today, highlighting the changes the world has already seen and the impacts it could face if global temperature changes are not limited.The assessment commissioned by Chris Huhne, the UK's Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and lead by the Met Office Hadley Centre studied 24 different countries, from developed to developing. It notes that all the countries in the study have warmed since the 1960s and that the occurrence of extremely warm temperatures has increased whilst extremely cold temperatures have become less frequent.

If emissions are left unchecked, the report says temperatures would rise generally between three and five degrees Celsius this century. This could be accompanied by significant changes in rainfall patterns, leading in many cases to increased pressure on crop production, water stress and flood risks.


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