Warnings issued in many European countries

Warnings issued in many European countries



31 January 2008
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Many European countries issued warnings as a very strong depression with a core pressure of 952 hPa continues to deepen and is moving from the British Isles towards the Channel.

This causes extreme high wind speeds along its track and specially along the effected coastal areas.

Affected countries are Ireland with expected maximum wind speed 70-130 kph with the higher gusts occurring in Ulster and north Connacht and snowfall later Thursday and into Friday with moderate to high accumulations in parts of the north and west.

Along the Channel the northern parts of France between Finistere to Pas de Calais encounter also strong wind, with the maximum impact on the Pas de Calais region, where gusts of up tco 130 kph have to be counted with right on the coast,  and 100 to 120 kph in wind exposed inland areas.

Norvay issued a “red” warning for the south eastern parts of the country, where wind speed in Beaufort 10 strength, snow on the roads and high risk of avalanches are caused by the present and previous depressions at the same time.

In Germany Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen und Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt wind speeds are in the range of 120 kph, but can rise in wind exposed ares up to 140 kph, additionally to black ice and an older snow cover on roads.


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