The Weather of June 2012 (Hong Kong Observatory)

The Weather of June 2012 (Hong Kong Observatory)



5 July 2012
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June 2012 was drier than usual, especially in the first half of the month.  This was mainly attributed to the predominance of the ridge of high pressure and lacking of active trough of low pressure over the south China coastal areas during the early part of the month.  The total rainfall of the month was 261.5 millimetres, about 43 percent below the normal figure of 456.1 millimetres.  The accumulated rainfall since 1 January was 927.8 millimetres, a deficit of 15 percent comparing to the normal figure of 1096.8 millimetres for the same period.  The month was also slightly warmer than usual with the mean temperature of 28.1 degrees, 0.2 degrees above the normal figures of 27.9 degrees.

Under the influence of a ridge of high pressure, the weather in Hong Kong was generally fine apart from a few showers for the first four days in the month.  It remained fine and hot with moderate easterly winds from 5 to 7 June.  As winds turned southerly, it became very hot apart from a few showers on 8 June. >> More

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