WMO / UKMO AVIATION SEMINAR - Republic of Indonesia

WMO / UKMO AVIATION SEMINAR - Republic of Indonesia



18 October 2016

The importance of aviation safety is often taken by granted, and concerns on aspects of safety are recognized when horrific accidents occur. But on daily basis, on thousands of commercial or military flights, the lives of countless passengers depend on the implementation of safety regulations adopted to protect the public’s interest. The implication of aviation safety not only secures the lives of people whose travel through the air, but ensures the safety of everyone on the ground as well. An airplane crash into a large metropolitan area that is densely populated would surely result in countless ground fatalities, and in retrospect it is noticeable that those types of incidents are so few in number.

In terms of the economy, the importance of aviation safety is staggering, and is understood by the general public. With each air traffic accident, a segment of the public maybe more hesitant to fly, resulting in a loss of revenue to the airline industry. Approximately 40 percent of all tourists travel by air, so a small decline in this area due to safety concerns can easily result in losses of hundreds of millions dollars. For this reason only, aviation safety is of equal importance to every country. 


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