200,000th Visitor to the MeteoWorld

200,000th Visitor to the MeteoWorld



28 June 2010

In the morning of 21 June 2010, Miss Hu Xi, a Shanghai student who just finished her college entrance examination, became the 200,000th visitor to the MeteoWorld. As of 23 June, the total number of visitors to the MeteoWorld reached 214205. During the exhibition,  MeteoWorld is organizing events on five major themes, namely: New Energy, Better City (13 June – 4 July); City Life and Meteorological Risks (10 - 31 July); “Eyes” on Weather (1-22 August); Meteorological Service for Your Splendid Life (1-30 September); Weather Forecasts Take Care of You Every Day (11-30 October). In addition, Weather China (http://www.weather.com.cn) launched a programme called ‘Imagine Meteorological Life in the Future’ (http://tq121.weather.com.cn/futurelife/html/index.html) during the period from June to September 2010. The winners will be awarded free tickets for World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

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