BMKG Joining The 8th Indogreen Environment And Forestry Expo 2016

BMKG Joining The 8th Indogreen Environment And Forestry Expo 2016



1 June 2016

Jakarta/ BMKG had present their activities and achievements during the 8th Indogreen Environment and Forestry Expo that held in May, 2016 at the Jakarta Convention Center, where BMKG displayed the activities conducted as part of the program’s support to the government and Indonesian people. The theme for this year expo is "Mutual Cooperation to Achieve Environmental and Forest Sustainable to Support Food Sovereignty, Water and Renewable Energy".

The “Indogreen Forestry Expo” is the largest forestry exhibition organized in Indonesia since 2009, presenting great potencies in the sector of forestry. The exhibition also socializes the best programs and real actions of the government and private sector in the management of sustainable forest areas including reclamation of forests and mine-out land as well as the exploitation of geothermal energy. The event was organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and Environment, in order to support the government program and to support efforts to materialize “Green Living Style for Better Future”.

For four days (26-29 May) more than 2000 guest visited BMKG booth and BMKG received an award as one of the best exhibitors at the event. (kd)

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