Building Drought Resilience in a Changing Climate

Building Drought Resilience in a Changing Climate



23 May 2013

WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud chaired a multi-agency coordinated Feature Event on “Drought Resilience in a Changing Climate, “ (22 May) to promote the benefits of Integrated drought risk management.

“Drought affects more people than any other disaster,” said Mr Jarraud. “We have the knowledge and we have the experience to reduce the impacts of drought.” A High-Level Meeting on National Drought Policy, co-sponsored by WMO in March 2013, laid the foundations to proactive, integrated risk-management based drought policies to replace the current reactive, crisis-driven approach.

Saidou Sidibe, Minister and Director of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Niger – which was badly affected by drought in 2011-2012 - said the scale of the drought problem demanded international and regional cooperation. “We can not do it alone,” he said.


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