CLIMANDES: Climate services for the Alps and Andes

CLIMANDES: Climate services for the Alps and Andes



30 October 2012

Peru and Switzerland have launched an innovative partnership to strengthen climate services in the Andean nation, building on the scientific knowledge and experience of the Alpine country.

Although geographically distant, Peru and Switzerland share the same challenges as a result of their mountainous terrain. High mountains have a significant influence over local weather and climate conditions in both countries. Both are frontline witnesses to the impact of climate change on shrinking glaciers.

Peru and Switzerland have united under the umbrella of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) to launch the project CLIMANDES (Servicios climaticos con enfasis en los Ande en apoyo a las decisions). This GFCS twinning activity seeks to improve climate services for the Peruvian region and to facilitate their incorporation into decision-making. >> full text


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