Costa Rica’s national meteorological service turns 125

Costa Rica’s national meteorological service turns 125



16 May 2013

Costa Rica’s national meteorological service, the Instituto-Meteorológico-Nacional (IMN) has celebrated its 125th anniversary with a ceremony looking back at historic milestones and ahead to future challenges.

Among the guests at the ceremony 5 April were Costa Rica’s First Vice President Alfio Piva Mesén and WMO President David Grimes, who hailed the IMN as a first class meteorological institute with strong national, regional and international ties.

Looking ahead, Mr Grimes said WMO’s challenge over the next 50 years would be to mirror the success of weather services by developing climate services.

“The need to adapt to seasonal, yearly and multi-decadal climate variations is being exacerbated by the challenge imposed by long-term climate change. Fortunately, our understanding of the climate system continues to improve, allowing us to anticipate and even project future climate,” said Mr Grimes.

“It is therefore possible now to provide information that governments, organizations and individuals on whether the next season, year or decade is likely to be warmer or colder, or drier or wetter, than average. Useful information is available to the regional and country levels. But access is limited to many who need to manage climate risks and opportunities and build more resilient communities,” he said.

“In the future, climate services will make it possible to incorporate science-based climate information and prediction into planning and policy to achieve real benefits for society. This is needed because the challenges facing humanity today are increasingly complex and interconnected,” he said.

WMO is spearheading the rollout of the Global Framework for Climate Services, to improve and expand climate services, especially for the most vulnerable.

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